View Full Version : The New Boss

Rebel Soul
7th February 2009, 09:02 AM

People are talking, they say I'm down
Won't someone please tell them for me
They just can't see that someone like me
Who was born to be the boss and the king
Of everything

I'll be progressing all along the way
I'll be riding high, reaching the sky
I've been terrorized and I've been brutalized
I've been pushed around, I've been lost and found

Well, I guess someone may try to even tell a lie
They'd better be aware I've got something there
If there's another I'll soon discover
And know what to do
If they are so untrue they will be so blue

Even in talking they have no sense
Won't someone please tell them for me "get help"
Because even the trees and the birds that sing
Above the ground, they know that I'm around
One more thing, and someone like me was born to be
The new boss and the king