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24th January 2006, 09:18 PM
as ive said before i will try to put some reggae music for those whom like it so here is another round

this time ive choose for some rare live footage of artists the first one is the biggest file

this is a live recording of gregory isaacs with the taxi gang in excellent sound quality(one moment it got bad but that is only for 20 seconds or so) recorded in amsterdam late 80's begin 90's .......i remember going to this gig in rotterdam only to find out it was sold out.........from that moment on i decided to buy tickets in pre sale imao. its a 20 minute medley i hope you like it ,its gregory in top form

the second one is a real classic its burning spear live at rockpalast the song i choose is " columbus" cause i realy like it :smokin: since i was young

the third one is some from 2003 and its the beautyful voice of cocoa tea live in jamaica the song " 18 and over" is choosen but could have easy be another one lol

the fourth one is also a legendary reggae singer its jimmy spliff uhm ....cliff with a superb live version of "wild world" the man still has a great voice tho im not a big fan this is a great concert
4. http://s44.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0SXVQSTW5TPDJ0GL84DTJDJPLK

the fifth is also a medley from john holt singing some paragons songs in a row ofcourse i dont have to say that john holt is one of the best reggae singers from the old period and still going strong with his excellent voice

the sixth one is a old recording from steel pulse live in amsterdam paradiso 1983 with a good sound quality the song is a " macka splaff/drugs squad" combination

the seventh and for last one is a german band called "seeed" and they realy knows how to start a party cause they realy good live if you have the change to see them .....go
the song is called " miss audrey

well i hope you like them its nearly an hour of reggae in different styles live

greetings jahnus :bouncered: :bounceyellow: :bounce:

ps except for the gregory isaacs file ive got the rest in full concert(one bigger then the other)if want the rest of the concert send me a pm with youre email and ill send the rest true email

25th January 2006, 01:23 AM
Cheers Jahnus :beer: :smokin:

25th January 2006, 09:12 AM
cheers for sharing :beer: