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31st January 2002, 01:55 AM
hi adam been a while hope ur ok? Now thats out the way a little question 4 u only got round to reading post about q+a post well i think it is a brilll idea (yours i suppose grovel grovel lol) well you know what i will help u out with this i know i live in london but this is what you have to do Have ali driven down to london theres this little village there called charlton i will meet him there we can have a nice lunch + a few beers then i will ask him the questions poeple want to know,e-mail u the answers then ill give you a exclusive report (only you,no royalities wanted)ah yes the report will b called? i dont mind adam call it what you want as long as i am the reporter for the day ,gets him out of birm.....for a while.lmao well we all like to dream.Take care mate keep up the good work.

:) :) ;)

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