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12th July 2001, 12:36 PM
I want to do some writing for yor site!

FlashBack @ Que II
By www.whisperingslim.com (http://www.whisperingslim.com)

The Godfather of Rave Joints, the Notorious Que II & The
Equally Infamous Flashback Rave beckoned us like MIS-TEEQ
Hypnotizing the Ayia Napa Red Blooded Males!

The Que Club Snarled like a Demonic Crazed Komodo Dragon
sinking his teeth into @ Sharon Stones Husband!

Passing thru the Heavy Security presence was like smuggling a
Kilo of High Grade Ital Sensimelia thru Heathrow Customs!

Adrenaline pumped thru the Rampant main arena Ravers as the
joint was violently shook by the "Baseline Explosion" as the
ALMIGHTY Grooverider thumped onto the decks like Mike Tyson KO

<This Was The Bomb>!!

The crowd were ripped out of reality and warped into the
Flashback Zone like Doctor Whos Tardis spirraling out of
control! Classic Heavy Old Skool Tracks Ricoched thru the Joint
like Al Capones Semi Automatic tearing thru Underworld Mafiosa!

The HEAVYWEIGHT UnderGrounD Uk Garage Dj, Nightrat jived with
an entourage of Stoosh Divas as MC Lenni rinsed out Lyrics
faster than a Subaru Imprezza! GET WHAT YOU CAN MATE !
High~Powered Jet~Stream laser strobes cut thru the main arena
atmosphere Like a Stealth Bomber screaming on a low level sorti!

Time flew faster than Bangkoks "Sky Train", then 6am hit the
revellers like a Juggarnaut out of control. The 3000 writhing
masses wanted more!!!

What a nite of monstrous proportions!!

Nothing does it Like FLASHBACK!!!!

www.whisperingslim.com (http://www.whisperingslim.com)

Check It Out!

www.whisperingslim.com (http://www.whisperingslim.com)

Check It Out!