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23rd January 2002, 08:45 PM
Sorry if you think i am getting Ratty folks, however dont take it personally, i am just fed up with the now norm answer, not just here on the board but with the majority of companies in the country, "Tommorow" - The day that never comes.

So dont as i said take it personally - maybe i should not expect everybody to be like me. If i say somthing i do it.

So if you feel pressured adam dont, i am here to help if i can, not to get on your case. I am willing to sit down and do a load of icons for you, not for me as you already have mines, but people have on the board said they would like specific icons, well i will do them for you. That would ease the pressure on you a little and allow you to catch up.

The better answer would be I will get around to thinng some time - Better for me that is -but will get you hung in other circles.

I have been having a rough time latley and the more i try and sort things out the more they build up, there is nly so long you can keep the happy face on.

So id anybody feels i have been down thier throat latley i appologise ..



24th January 2002, 01:30 PM
Might have to take you up on that jim... been so busy this week..

launced new site @ work on the weekend(LSE RNS (http://www.londonstockexchange.com/rns/) have a look) ... bug fixing while starting new project. My wife's getting a bit peeved at the time i spend at work.

The main problem is getting the icons up to date & seeing what's left at the moment... will get to it soon.


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