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6th January 2002, 01:37 PM
Hi been reading through bulletin board, can anyone tell me, what are ubloonie mugs? as i only joined the bulletin board yesterday i'v never heard of these mugs befor,so enlighten me please, caus everyone seems to be after one!!
Cheers Lara x graemlins/bouncepurple.gif graemlins/bouncepurple.gif graemlins/bouncepurple.gif

13th January 2002, 09:40 PM
I've never seen one altho ur sposed 2 get 1 after 100 posts, but i heard they don't do them any more - trying 2 find out graemlins/smokin.gif

14th January 2002, 12:19 PM
hi you 2...i think there was only 150 mugs made,so if you reached your 100 posts within that time...you got one,but im on over 650 posts now and im still waiting, despite confimation that i will be getting one.anyway im still looking out for the postie lol. good luck in your posts anyway.from yoyo and j2b graemlins/bouncered.gif graemlins/bounceblue.gif