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21st November 2001, 08:45 PM
Now that I've sussed the board I would like to say how I enjoyed the evening at Wembley on the 9th.This was the 7th time that I've seen UB40 and it just all gets better.The only thing that don't get any easier is never being able to go backstage and meet the band that I've been following for twenty years, I sure tried my best on the 9th but to no avail, so I was on a bit of a downer for a few days afterwards. I've got over that now and was also lucky enough to get Normans towel as he was going offstage, I just look forward to the next tour,which hopefully wont be too long.

23rd November 2001, 12:06 AM
know the feeling lynne that was the 1st time i had seen them live (had tickets but something allways came up)i was so near to them it was cracking me up to have gone back stage and meet them well what can i say......that would of been a dream come true. ive been a fan for 16 years now god im getting old lol xx champane xx :) ;) :p