View Full Version : ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to change my icon

7th September 2001, 10:38 AM
Hello Adam since everyone can come here with special requests for their Icon here is mine:
Well where shall I start:
I want one with my dog on it.
He is a black retriever with brown eyes but keep in mind not too dark! And I want him on it with a black labour of love T'shirt with bandphoto.

I know you have loads of time to do this stupid requests so can you please do it today???????

No, sorry Adam I don't mean it that way but I am getting bored with people coming with those silly requests to let you make those icons.

(there are enough icons to choose of so why does anyone need a special one)

I know people may be offended by this post but I am really getting bored about people giving those special requests.
I think Adam has got enough things to do instead of fulfilling these requests.