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11th June 2001, 05:55 PM
I have troubles at home loading the BB (I have cable there). Since I don't have that trouble at work (33k modem) I thought it might have to do with the preferences. At work I get the default of 'messages of last 45 days' and at home I put that to 'messages of last 10 days'. I did change that a couple of times now to 45 days, but every time I restart my computer the 10 days is there again... How come??

Just noticed it already turn back to 10 days when I shut my browser and open it again...

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12th June 2001, 06:27 PM
No problem (it seems) anymore... cleaned my temporary internetfiles and the problem was gone http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/smile.gif Maybe a tip for users who also have problems loading/posting on BB http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/smile.gif

13th June 2001, 10:31 AM
ok great
http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/bounce.gif glad to be of service