View Full Version : Wonder how I get to AUSTRALASIA :)

19th April 2001, 02:43 PM
http://www.ub40.boxuk.com/ubb/lol.gif Australasia is mentioned on the bottom of the tourinfo... think it should be Australia? http://www.ub40.boxuk.com/ubb/smile.gif Nevertheless... I luv the combination http://www.ub40.boxuk.com/ubb/friends.gif

21st April 2001, 06:40 PM
greetings P 'Australasia' is the continent,and an Australasian is an inhabitant of Australia, New zealand and the surrounding islands....(oxford english mini dictionary) http://www.ub40-dep.com/ubb/smokin.gif

23rd April 2001, 07:45 AM
Oooooooooh... that is why I couldn't find it... I don't have an 'oxford english mini dictionary' http://www.ub40-dep.com/ubb/biggrin.gif http://www.ub40-dep.com/ubb/laff.gif

O and did I mention that my geographical skill are not the best??? http://www.ub40-dep.com/ubb/lol.gif

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