View Full Version : Important message to my fellow UB Loonies - PLEASE READ!

Rat In Mi Kitchen
28th June 2003, 01:55 PM
I've been having computer problems and as a result I was offline for a couple of days. I had to buy a new modem and it was so frustrating (you know the symptoms - climbing the walls and beig reduced to a quivering wreck! lol) that I ended up having to reinstall Windows XP. Fortunately my personal data (all the MP3s I've downloaded, my recordings, my websites and other personal files) is intact but I've lost my address book and all my e-mails! (aaargh!) so I've gotta rebuild my address book and this is where you lot come in!

All I ask of you (for those that want to) is to send me an e-mail ( dave@quandigy.com ) so's I can add you to me address book. For those of you on MSN that use your MSN addy for e-mail you won't need to bother because my MSN contact list is intact.

Your help would be very much appreciated (you know I would do the same for you!)

Carlene Lydia
30th June 2003, 11:08 AM
Well I wasn't in your addy book b4, but I will be now m8.... just sent ya one..... :)