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30th May 2001, 08:44 AM
IF u get up soon can u please hang out the washing?(you lazy git)
do the shopping,look after the kids,hoover, polish,and most of all.................
get my tea ready for me coming in!!
not much time to chat today!!

your ever-hungry wifey andi x http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/kiss.gif

30th May 2001, 10:26 AM
Hope your doing as your told Chris http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/laff.gif

When you've done all that, don't forget to clear the cobb webbs from the tree's........

and iron the cat............................

big love

lynne http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/bouncered.gif

30th May 2001, 06:58 PM
wat was that o wifey??
i have suddenly gone deaf! http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/lol.gif
wat u gonna do if its not done? (being brave here!) http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/laff.gif

love from your wonderful hubby chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/kiss.gif http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/angel.gif

It's My Delight
31st May 2001, 09:07 AM
Chris stop chatting and get on with your housework!!!!

Jo xx

http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/lol.gif http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/lol.gif

Here I Am
31st May 2001, 11:21 AM
she said chris

get off yr fat ass and do the WASHING.. look after the KIDS, do the SHOPPING,don't forget the HOOVERING and POLISHING and most important of all COOK a UNBURNT meal for her.

U got it now??? or is u Daft as well as DEAF??? hehehehehehhehehehehe GOTCHAS

me couldn't resist chris lmao hehehehe

lin xxxxxxxxx

did i get it all right andi????? lol

31st May 2001, 04:07 PM
pimp lin http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/laff.gif
love you 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

31st May 2001, 07:07 PM
couldn't have said it better meself lin!!

my gawd he takes some patience!
if theres burnt offerins 2nite he'll be offered a place on a hossy ward! http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/lol.gif

love your increasingly violent wifey andi x http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/kiss.gif (kidding) http://www.ub40.co.uk/ubb/laff.gif