28th August 2005, 08:21 AM
This happened recently, a few weeks ago I was chatting at IRIE FM, and who knows maybe I caught the wrong crowd or somethin', so after the general intros and that I'm from Australia and love Reggae music, and UB40 are my faves, alongside with Sly & Robbie etc

and their attitude is?

that pretty much my knowledge in Reggae is rather limited and that if I'm used to UB40's Reggae, I'm gonna get a shock, as to what real Reggae sounds like!

The NERVE Of those people. Then they suggest I listen to Bob Marley. As if I don't know who Bob Marley is. And to show you their ignorance, I doubt they were aware that our boys covered Marley tracks, and they also did fathers of Reggae and worked alongside the best & greatest in Reggae music...mind you, they are one of the greatest and best in Reggae themselve (I'm sure you all agree :-) )

So let's do those generation y chatters a favour: let's log in on www.iriefm.net, (http://www.iriefm.net,) & request REASONS, or any other UB song you might like!!
There are many DJs there, try the shows for the younger generation like wake up call with Ron Muschett for eg or one of the others if you like.

Oh yeah and they thought I was 72 cause I like UB40! :eek: :eek:
They should swap the numbers then they'd get my real age.

nuff love to everyone here!! GOD BLESS! graemlins/friends.gif

28th August 2005, 08:55 AM
Bloody nerve of em, congratulation on 100 posts too :D Mirna777 for unloonie graemlins/friends.gif

28th August 2005, 08:58 AM
graemlins/beer.gif Thanks & BLESS!!

Cherry Campbell
28th August 2005, 11:31 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Mirna777:

Oh yeah and they thought I was 72 cause I like UB40! :roll: i dont give a toss if i'm the only person on the planet who likes them :roll:

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28th August 2005, 06:49 PM
do you know how much i hate and detest musical snobbery? reggae music is open to all and these few small minded people wanna keep it to themselves. that is not what reggae is about; it's about being accessible to all, not just the few. i love all aspects of reggae but some peeps look at ya like shit if ya don't worship nowt but roots or dancehall. it's they that are narrow as they only see one aspect of this wonderful music. ub are one part of this music whether they like it or not. fk em! it's them who are losing out by closing their ears to the wonders of reggae - all reggae!!!!

tek care and here's me vote for ubloonie mirna. well done!
xxxxxxxx :D :D :D

samantha M
28th August 2005, 07:40 PM
strickly speaking reggae is, as i understand music with an emphasis on the second and fourth beats in the bar..........

i alway loved UB40 from the age of 12yrs...i come from "white middle class England" and when i started listening to the UB's it was a sound that i had never heard before and loved....only later did i realise yes its reggae....thinking i should expand my horizon i can remember the UB44 album...that makes statements to "yellowman and eek-a-mouse"...great i thought more UB40 like reggae stuff...i bought a yellow man LP and was.....shocked...not quite UB40........but i do think UB40 have their own unique reggae style.......not as classic as some Jamaican artists...so perhaps i can see abit where they come from.....
who cares anyway....they are the best..i do like reggae...and thanks to the bands influence.... i listen to some wicked stuff......UB40 opened up my musical world...........to me they will be the best reggae band ever... :D