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25th June 2005, 08:54 AM
my god wot has happened,i left the board yesterday,and dont get me wrong i was really upset
at not winin a ticket,not because other loonies won, but because after being a fan from the start,i could not come to terms that i would not be there,but thats life and i thought rite stop your cryin and take a break from all the excitment,
and spend some time with my family and get over it,i have got up this morning and to my disgust
its all kicked off on the board,i dont understand
why people cant be happy for others,i personally am delighted because close friends of mine have all won tickets and im the only 1 that didnt,we all go to the gigs together but u dont here me winging,yesterday was i big let down for me but i pick myself up and dusted myself down,and im going to keep tryin,so i just hope everyone else does the same,i would personally say brian and all your staff at dep done us proud,but next time dont waste your time because i bet it took some major pleading on your part brian to get us the tickets in the first place,and for people to say dep have fixed the comp is total disrespect for the band and dep,well brian u have my total respect and love
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25th June 2005, 09:27 AM
its an utter disgrace paula and well said.

the fact that these guys are still making great music and doing it after all these years should be enough for us.what if they said thats it lets end the group what would these moaning p----s do then.
bt hope you read these and dont get too down we love ya and here is to another 25 years