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22nd June 2005, 07:36 PM
If you are like me and enjoy playing
your sax to ub40 songs.but can never find
a book or the sheet music..Why dont we do
somethink about it..
ive worked out a lot of sax parts for
the songs rangeing from.. food for thought..25%..
my way of thinking..plus many more ..and some songs from the new album....i cant do the harmonies but it does sound ok for one sax.
im trying to build up a big collection as many as
possible..ive just brought some software for
my computer that allows me to put down the parts
in music notation (as best i can) im putting them
in alto and tenor sax key...
if anyone would like to contribute a sax part
that would be great......IF we can get MR TRAVERS
to send somethink all the better...
when ive got about 25 songs i will put them all
in a folder and send out to anyone interseted..
it will only cost you the postage...It will take a few months to complete..
thanks for reading.

22nd June 2005, 10:19 PM
Like it...

I "play" ..when me Arthritis aint givin me JIP..

Like the sound of a collection of ideas.It would be interesting to see if wat we think is right tallies with other interpritations.
I got:

Adella,Dont let it pass you by,One in ten,Present Arms,King,Don`t slow down,Groovin,Love is all,Tyler,Dream a lie,My way of thinkin,please don`t make me cry(don`t I often do) I think I got Maybe Tomorrow somewhere aswell.

I don`t play very often so when I do get the horn out It kinda takes a little bit of time to get the Pressure and Embouchure and or tonguing hitting the right spots if y`know wat I mean

I kinda do a form of notation that makes sense to me at least and it serves me well.I play as you do for one with no harmonies involved

If it could be done I am interested buddy..

PS.whats the software your using? might help me out aswell.