View Full Version : who is going to the glasgow gig in December

18th June 2005, 09:31 PM
just wondering the amount of people that love Ub40 in Glasgow

18th June 2005, 09:33 PM
Quite a few, welcome to the Board.

Whats with the handle - Not into Italian lumps are you?


18th June 2005, 10:32 PM
welcome to the board

from gaynor :)

18th June 2005, 10:33 PM
im going you will notice me a mile away with my very own ubloonie t shirt!! soo lookin forward to it graemlins/bouncered.gif

18th June 2005, 10:34 PM
aww brill be cool to see u all,

18th June 2005, 10:39 PM
me me me me me
Rossy :) :) :)

McDub boy
18th June 2005, 11:06 PM
McDub Boy, says he is going :eek: graemlins/smokin.gif
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, graemlins/friends.gif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

18th June 2005, 11:12 PM
yay thts so cool some people i know going to see them i cant wait i seen them in 2003 absolutely amazing ever since bn waiting for them again and they are coming woo hoo. i have like tickets for glasgows gig and newcastles will be quality