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Skirge, The Chef
14th May 2005, 05:30 PM
I have a very good friend in the states he lives in Plover in WI and is a HUGE U2 fan he loves U2 as much as we love UB40, now he has seen them aboiut 10 times or so in Chicago.He has just been to a gig last week I think he said it was, now his seats were like Roof top seats yet he walked around the full arena taking photos and making little vid clips with his Nikon D70, a propper digital Nikon SLR and nothing not a word was said to him. You try that here, even from your own seat its a nightmare to get away with taking photos, now does anyone know why in the states they are allowed to do such things yet here we have no chance?????

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14th May 2005, 07:43 PM
Dont think its like that everywhere Skirge. Most places say no videos or cameras. I was at an Alicia Keys concert, oh I guess a couple years ago......I couldnt bring my camera in. Also last year went to see Bill Cosby, same thing there too. Thats really cool that your friend could do that. :D

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Skirge, The Chef
14th May 2005, 08:53 PM
He has done it at every U2 gig he has been too, he gets awsome shots and its not like he uses a little camera. Huge gig too U2 I mean even leaving his seat and walking right around to get shots frome very angle, I dont see the harm in it really, I understand the press pay a fortune for the right to take photo's, so why not let the press do it free.

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