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5th May 2005, 11:40 PM
Ive been offline for around 6 days cos my pooter had a trojan and wot problems i had gettin rid, but that is a different story. Back online tonight and BLOODY HELL THERE IS THE TOUR INFO. I will be at the MEN arena 9am in the morn, so wish me luck on decent seats. My plan was this year to get the the last concert at the NEC and maybe meet up with some loonies, but seems like its too late to get a decent seat there...no card etc, and wont be able to get there for 9am tomorrow..... :( . Times like this i could do with a fairy god mother... :D

5th May 2005, 11:41 PM
Good luck hope you get tickets

5th May 2005, 11:43 PM
Thank you chick....me too (fingers crossed icon needed here)

graemlins/bouncegrey.gif graemlins/bouncepurple.gif

6th May 2005, 06:52 AM
Ill be at the gig in Manchester, and Im hoping to meet some other loonies too! :D

6th May 2005, 06:58 AM
Good luck with getting your tickets Tracie!!


6th May 2005, 11:30 AM
Thanks Dave. Got my tickets this morning, good seats too. Middle block row 4 :D :D

So anyone going to Manchester Im the one with all the kids in tow :D :D . Cant wait till they get home from school to see the looks on their faces. M.E.N wont know wots hit it when my lot arrive.

6th May 2005, 11:32 AM
Nice one Tracie graemlins/bouncered.gif graemlins/bounceyellow.gif graemlins/bounce.gif

7th May 2005, 12:41 PM
<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Twinkle:
Thanks Dave. Got my tickets this morning, good seats too. Middle block row 4 :D :D

Excellent news!! :D

7th May 2005, 02:12 PM
i am pleased that you got your tickets

from gaynor :)

7th May 2005, 02:53 PM
g8t news glad you got your tickets!!!
see you there

7th May 2005, 03:28 PM
Thanks guys...the kids are ecstatic!!

They are doing my head in already...Ive god 7 months of this moaning lol. Why oh why couldnt I have told them on the 8th? :p

7th May 2005, 04:27 PM
:D :D Great news :D :D