View Full Version : How Much will it cost me this time Brian!!!

29th April 2005, 06:03 PM
it's bad enough trying to work out how to bribe brian for VIP passes, but to find out the date is after the "due to be pushing up diasies" date now thats low.

OK so that leaves a little latitude on the offers, How about 200 for a charity of your choice, plus 1 limmited edition england Rugby world cup - teddy bear (boxed and loved). 1 bottle of Very Very nice "Marques de Riscal" rioja (1986). And a selection of "smarties" gaurenteed to keep you on the roof for at least 5 days. And i will include you in my will!

over to You, oh worldly wise Paddy type Dude.


29th April 2005, 06:29 PM
jim.....i wish could say something really deep and insightful here but i can't, ...i am sure the bt man will help you with your quest, and i hoping you wll be around a lot longer to astound us with storys of the ham loving fat cat. ;)