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9th February 2005, 04:42 PM
During the reign of Emperor Claudius II marriage was forbidden as he wanted more men to become soldiers, but a Roman priest named Valentine defied the law and married couples in secret. Valentine was, eventually found out and incarcerated for defying the Emperor and failing to renounce his faith. While in prison, awaiting his death sentence, he befriended the jailer's daughter. He was eventually beheaded, it is believed on 14th February 269 A.D. and after his death she received a letter from him thanking her for her friendship and loyalty which he signed 'Your Valentine'. It is believed he also wrote to his friends asking them to remember 'their Valentine'.

Gradually February 14th became the date for exchanging love messages and St. Valentine became the patron Saint of lovers.

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10th February 2005, 05:09 AM
Thanks for that info Sean :cool: