View Full Version : A big Thank You to MaybeTomorrow

Michelle Amurri
30th July 2004, 08:09 AM
You know who this is don't you? Just wanted to say I owe you a big one after last night.

I read your review and couldn't have put it better myself. It was excellent, the only whinge I have is that it didn't go for longer, but I suppose we all feel that way.

i can't believe I was merrily cooking pork chops when I should have been in the car, champing at the bit. I had so much to do this week as well, and I thought I was so organized! I just got the 30th July date stuck in my head for some reason (Thursday seems a strange day for the Opening Day of a new convention centre, don't you think?) but hey, all's good and I had a fantastic time after all, thanks to you.

Pity we didn't meet up, next time you're around Brisbane, especially Northside, call me, I owe you rather a lot of beer as thanks for saving my arse!

Respect to you, Dave,


30th July 2004, 08:17 AM
Hello Michelle!!

No need to thank me at all. I am just so happy you managed to get to the concert in time!! We didn't get there until 5:55pm as you know, so I thought you would already be inside, but even though I was running late, I'd call out of courtesy and see where you were and have that elusive pint we'd talked about!!

You probably were thinking what the hell is this guy calling for?! Anyway, the ending to this story was a good one, and because of the BB, you made it to the concert!!

Take care of yourself - if I travel over yonder bridge, I'll send you a message, otherwise do the same if you're anywhere near the bowels of Brisbane, otherwise known as Jimboomba!!!!

Cheers Michelle, graemlins/beer.gif graemlins/beer.gif