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24th January 2004, 10:59 AM
just a quick word or two,to thank the mighty small axe for nother awesome night at baths premier venue.if anything the sound and light show was louder and brighter than last time,well my eyes and ear still havent recovered thats for sure,and my stomach is still liquefied from the serious bass that was reverberating through the building.the stage set up was much improved with an early ub40 feel to it with the brass etc up high on risers at the back.for those of you who havent caught them yet,you dont know what you are missing,a 1000 people grooved the night away including the band who were once again having the time of their life.we were even"treated"to an impromptu streaker on stage,shame it was male and he was obviously very cold.lol.
anyway wel done mall axe for delivering yet another polished and professional performance,the highlights for me were "stop that train"(i love that song)and a stunnin encore started by a great rendition of food for thought.looking forward to the next big gig at the anson rooms on april 30th,so anyone in the area then,do yourself a favour and get down there.
a special hello to lady lynne and ghost as well,was a pleasure to meet you both at last. :D :D

neil aka BBB
24th January 2004, 12:10 PM
hi bazza,
glad you had great night not sure of final figure but there was over 1000 in there(unbelievable)streaker was class mate i seen coming from my left hand side,i laughed a little and just stepped back to let him walk across the stage the crowd roared!! then he came back again then i asked the crowd what they thought of his prank another cheer from crowd,i was gonna grab him for a laugh as he walked in front of me turn him to face the crowd put my arm round him and carry on singing it was so funny!
we had agreat time too mate nice to see you mate but you know how busy it was,also lady lynne and ghost nice of you to come sorry i couldn't talk long!
small set list

(intro) swing low
young guns(dub)

(set) tyler
stir it up
ghetto people
could you be loved
no no no
don't let it pass you by 12"
the heathen
not satisfied
all i wanna do
is this love
i see it you
waiting in vain
no woman no cry
good thing going
kingston town
food for thought
stop that train
one love
neil aka bbb
www.smallaxe.org.uk (http://www.smallaxe.org.uk)

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24th January 2004, 01:39 PM
hello bazzzzz
glad you had another great night, nice to see you too lynne and(ghost) sory mate, i didnt realise it was you untill someone told me after the show. anyway i hope you both enjoyed the evening. it was quite eventfull as bazza said, Sold Out, Streakers and something that no one has mentioned yet (as we kept it very quite) but around 30 minutes before we went on stage we had a visit from just about every police officer in Bath as the place was almost evacuated due to a bomb threat, anyway the night (thankfully) went ahead but only by the skin of our teeth and what a night it was (especially for all of us up on stage) i dont know what it is about the city of Bath but i have mentioned this before, you lot all rock ! cant wait to see what comes from this (maybe Bath city F.C. stadium) on the pitch. will keep you all posted so untill then...


25th January 2004, 02:33 PM
At last got to see Small Axe and good to be back in the west country again.After a bit of shopping on friday arrived at The Pavillion in plenty of time
Legendry DJ ;) >Small Axe played for nearly 2 hours till it was time for all to go home
Cheers to Neil and Paul and the rest of Small Axe for a very enjoyable night
If you havn't caught them yet ,make it a news years resolution to do so.


26th January 2004, 02:41 PM
nice one ghost...hopefully see you again at a different venue. graemlins/smokin.gif

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