View Full Version : rare UB40 album how do i find its value???

mikey in uk
22nd January 2004, 10:49 PM
i have the UB40 album SIGNING OFF and on the record itself it has the A side label on both sides of the record. has anyone seen a copy like this before and how would i get it valued???? i have been offered a great deal of cash for it already but not sure that i want to sell, can anyone help me ????

23rd January 2004, 12:28 AM
Good Question .. I have a single that has been labelled A Side on the B side and B side on the A side (it's not really cpomplicated!) .. Sadly it's not a UB40 one .. Actually it's .... Erm .. on second thoughts I won't say who its By!!


23rd January 2004, 01:27 AM
Hi Mikey i also have a couple of Albums with Freak Lables
I have Present arms with UB40 Live on one side and Present arms on the other.
And UB40 Live with 2 A sides..
Not sure if they are worth much only to the eye of the beholder.
Its nice to Know when Ali and Brian and co were packing Records back in them days they were out there minds and having a giggle!.
Joking of course.
Rossy :) :) :)

23rd January 2004, 09:32 PM
Hi Mikey, its what a fan gives for it, no real "priceguide" on UB40 available especially on these "mislabeled" releases. I do have some in my collection also, some one sided only labels, and Maybe Tomorrow labeled on the B-side with "Dread Dread Time" but it being "Dubwise" on the b-side. Also have "Best Of Volume One" on cd but when you play the CD its an 80s compilation album with not even having UB40 on it, the label and all are the real deal but no ub40 music, clearly a misprint and mixup!


The Prisoner
24th January 2004, 04:25 PM
Hey Joris i also have Maybe Tomorrow labeled on the B-side with "Dread Dread Time" but it being "Dubwise" on the b-side.

I got it for 50p. There must have been a job lot of these in circulation.

Pris. graemlins/smokin.gif