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8th March 2001, 08:36 PM
Told you I'd put a message on the board!!
Don't know what put really, I just hope your being nice and not turning me into too much of a picasso! I'll get you back-trust me!

I've been looking at sites about working abroad, some places gonna email me back with some info but haven't really learnt anything new! Went on a cruise site, but it only had jobs for waitresses etc, and I don't wanna do that!

Anyway, I'm going do some chatting now

tar ta for now!!!!!


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8th March 2001, 09:31 PM
this is my girlfriend everyone, please welcome her to the board, she not a ub fan but I hope she will be posting more on here in the future!!

http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/bounce.gif M http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/bounce.gif I http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/bounce.gif L http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/bounce.gif I http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/bounce.gif E http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/bounce.gif

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8th March 2001, 09:56 PM
Haiz zuperzar (god and I thougth my nick was difficult http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/lol.gif )

Nice to see you here... be back more often and come into chat sometime!!! Same goes to you milie!!! http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/biggrin.gif