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Irie Riddem
8th March 2001, 07:17 PM
I have an idea. We could have a website where everyone can submitt artwork of their favorite ub40 pics or band members. I would make one, but I'm no good at html stuff. So if you like making websites, and you want to jump on the chance, "hablame"-talk to me.
'Nuff Respect and Love,
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8th March 2001, 09:00 PM
I think that is an excellent idea. Unfortunately I too am no good at this website stuff, I can write emails and check this board and that's it !

Nicola R
8th March 2001, 10:36 PM
Not too good on the PC also even though I've just done a homestead website.

What type of stuff did you have in mind ?
Photos & what else ?


8th March 2001, 11:34 PM
If you want to send me the pics in jpeg format i will make a small web site to see them for everyone to see...
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9th March 2001, 12:47 AM
i think i'll leave that sort of stuff to those who know how

9th March 2001, 01:42 AM
yeah that would be great idea!

9th March 2001, 04:20 AM
Hello Rossy,

Great Idea Mate!!!!!. Keep up the great work for the UB40's fan's cause!!!


biglove steve
9th March 2001, 07:52 AM
I Have some cracking photos of the boys at Wembley ages ago
Would love everyone else to see them, But im no good
with this web stuff.. i can send em to someone who could do all that....biglove

9th March 2001, 12:33 PM
greetings irie riddem.....nice idea...i'm sure someone out there can help...it would be great to have a gallery that we all can visit...stay in touch...bt/ub40

9th March 2001, 12:47 PM
Hey guys, I could set up a web site if you wish. Just send me yer pics jpeg, bmp etc an I'll see what I can do.


9th March 2001, 12:48 PM
Hey guys, I could set up a web site if you wish. Just send me yer pics jpeg, bmp etc an I'll see what I can do.


PS If anyone is in the chatroom tonite about 7.30, I'll give them my e-mail address to send pics to.

biglove steve
9th March 2001, 01:24 PM
Yo Dubb.. cant get in chatroom,but if u e-mail me biglove@onmail.co.uk,
&give us your addy i will send this pictures to ya...

9th March 2001, 05:56 PM
Nice Idea Nika!
wouldn't mind having another site to go and visit..would be brill...hope to see it up and runnning soon...and hope to chat with you soon too...take care alohaz knuffels peace out

big happy love,
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Irie Riddem
9th March 2001, 07:31 PM
Thanx you guys! Well Oracabessa, I'm thinking drawings, cartoons, caricatures,and paintings of the band or band members... I have a few drawings, and thought it would be a good idea to have a website like that... thanx rossy and dubb... is there any way you two can work together? i don't want to leave anyone out... anyways, if you have any questions, my email is Ub40gUrL@aol.com... ask away...
much luv and respect,
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Nicola R
17th March 2001, 10:41 PM
Has any of you decided to go ahead with this site ?
It would be a great idea ! http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/smile.gif

18th March 2001, 10:00 PM
Great idea! http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/smile.gif

Irie Riddem
19th March 2001, 09:35 PM
Yes we r going to go ahead and do the website... Dubb has kindly volenteered to do the website... so if you have any rare pictures or drawings that you would like to submitt, just send them to Dubb's addy which is: tony.watterson@baesystems.com
We're going to have so much fun with this website!
Feel that irie breeze,
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20th March 2001, 09:12 AM
Irie, would be grateful if you deleted my addy from your post. This is my work's addy, and I don't want just anyone knowing it. I will give out my addy to whoever needs it, in the chatroom. Thanks


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20th March 2001, 03:17 PM
Why not using www.ubloonies.com (http://www.ubloonies.com) for it??? There still is plenty of room left for another picture site... Like the rest above... I am more than willing to maintain the site http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Irie Riddem
21st March 2001, 10:13 PM
Will do, Dubb... Poesie, it's up to Dubb... ask him sweetie... Dubb, I had my friend Annie to send one of my drawings to your work addy, so check it... that's if it's there... i wasn't with her to see if it was sent or not... i'm going to send more later, that is as soon as my friend Emmy gives my drawings back... http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/laff.gif
Irie Riddem http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/friends.gif

Irie Riddem
21st March 2001, 10:20 PM
this is ghetto, but...... since i dunno how to delete my message... seeing as i see the "delete topic," but i don't know if it will delete the whole thing or not... people, the second to the last message that had posted... please disregard the last part of it... thanx http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/smile.gif