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Bad Ekko
16th February 2001, 09:38 PM
I was just listening to my Guns In the Ghetto album and it occured to me that after owning it for 3+ years I still haven't the slightest idea what the song "Guns In the Ghetto" is about. I read the words to the song in the discography but I think the real meaning of the song still escapes me. I mean sure its about urban violence, but is it talking about some specific event that actually happened? Can someone explain this song to me?

16th February 2001, 11:44 PM
Guns In The Ghetto is seen from a kids point of view, seeing the world of ghetto gun-man being hired to shoot others, at one day the gun-man himself is shot dead and the kid starts to realise that daddy isn't coming back ("why are we dressed in black"?)... sad story but all true ghetto life in Jamaica.
BT wrote the lyrics to the song (and all the others on the album with the same album title)


17th February 2001, 12:14 AM
Couldnt have put it better my self jj
Rossy http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/smile.gif http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/smile.gif http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/smile.gif
p.s i still think its a great album..

biglove steve
17th February 2001, 07:49 AM
Joris Did BT write I Love it when U smile.. I Just think(personally)
thats the best lyrics ive ever heard.... Biglove...
brought a lump to me throat when i first head iit....biglove

Maybe Tomorrow
17th February 2001, 08:55 AM
I agree with you, BLS - I Love It When you Smile is a fantastic song, sounded great live, too, in 99. Its one of those songs, like Guilty, that you don't expect to hear at a gig, but they never cease to amaze, do they, these UB's??



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Bad Ekko
17th February 2001, 08:57 AM
Thanks for clearing that up for me Joris. You are truly a bottomless well of UB40 knowledge.

17th February 2001, 11:37 AM
~mama isn't daddy back im getting scared and that's a fact.....why are we all dressed like that all all in black....~ love this song...plus de extra bass in it...brill...glad someone could answer ur question...no one better than JJ to do it...take care....nuff respect

big happy love,
Coty *MUAH* http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/bounce.gif http://www.demo3w.com/ubb/bounceblue.gif

17th February 2001, 01:51 PM
As promised coty....

17th February 2001, 06:32 PM
I really like always there and oracabessa moonshine but all the tracks on guns are quality.