View Full Version : Any relation to ALI & ROBIN .?

Nicola R
16th February 2001, 07:43 PM
In my home town of Huddersfield we have a talented, young singer called, Ellie(Tina) Campbell who has released a couple of records .Last year she performed at the Cannon Hill Park gig along with UB40 and the rest of the guests .Anyway ,I was wondering
if she was a distant relative of the guys .
Don't you think it was a good ploy by her agent to name her ELLIE with her last name being Campbell .Sounds familliar yer !

HEY, thats not all .Another guy from my home town (Jamie Evans)also sang at the gig in his band ,LUCAN . I went to nightclass with his mum last year and she's real proud of him .She was telling me that he has recorded at DEP studios and actually met Robin while he was there !

Well its amazing what a small, quiet town like Huddersfield can produce .