View Full Version : Bourbon,reggae, coffee, Rum...all nighter chat? *+*

29th December 2000, 03:41 AM
Up now, and eternally up, the Keeper resumes transmission from his West Coast Surf Ranch and Footy Academy for Wayward NetMinders (cable's back to T-1 status, :] )
Just in time to hear the new Light My Fire!
tremendous....great mix, love the horns, love the harmonies.....it all works.
Nice bt
tell the bwoys:
"more please...?" (holding hands out like Oliver Twist, only with an empty CD case)

only 10:40 pm here on the Left Coast
I b Dub Dub Dubbin' along solo.....
(Smoke It)Import version, playing in background now.....
peace brothers and sisters

PS: Got my resume in to the FA but methinks they'd hire Souness 'afore they'd want me.

29th December 2000, 03:41 AM
Another bourbon and slide that Rats in the Kitchen on, now!
....what I'm 'a gonna do..........