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29th December 2000, 02:00 AM
i love ub40 i did not no the lads did a cover
of baby i love your way so if i never used napster i not of got this track i have spent a lot of my s on ub40 cds and will allways buy new cds by the lads i went to spain for my hols and got hold of a copy of jamaica pays tribute to UB40 some top boys on it paying tribute to the lads i all so got the roots of UB40 I DID NOT NO THEM CDS till i used napster so i spent my on them cds all thanks to napster sorry to go on lads p.s best of luck hope you go top 10when the new albums out i no i go out and buy it STEVE AND YVONNE

29th December 2000, 02:00 AM
greetings steve & yvonne....first of all we (ub40) have never recorded or performed a cover of 'baby i love your way' so i am confused as to where the rumour started ???
no problem though..really...no need to apologise i am enjoying the current napster debate we have been having on the bulletin board......it helps ub40 stay in touch with the very people we are making our music for...so take care and have a great weekend.....ub's :P