View Full Version : ub40 fair play

29th December 2000, 01:55 AM
ub40 i have to take my hat off to you.
myself & everbody that use this board i know are most greatful for the live web chat.
fair play to you ,taking time out to answer the questions in which is a very very busy time for you.so on behave of myself and the rest thank you very much.good on ya!

29th December 2000, 01:55 AM
Very, very, very, very GOOD NEWS! Great progress! Great way to launch the album!!!! EXCELLENT!! Kudos to UB40 indeed for making this happen like they said they would--the moment is here! Now I guess Brian will be busy over the next two weeks sidelining as an "internet trainer" for the likes of Ali and others?
That UK start time for the chat translates to the morning hours here in Western Canada.....hmmmmmm.....I'll be at a computer as usual but if all goes well, it sure won't be in an office!.....1/2 day vacation, here we come!

Big love always,