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28th December 2000, 03:52 AM
Hi Brian
I filled out the registration form on this site a few days ago and don't seem to have had any confirmation.
Am i meant to receive confirmation or not and if so where am i going wrong?

28th December 2000, 03:53 AM
i filled out a form a couple of weeks ago and recieved no confirmation so I don't know either but I was wondering if it had gone through

28th December 2000, 03:54 AM
don't know charlie..???? i filled one in as well and got nothing back....

28th December 2000, 03:54 AM
Me to... so i guess thats the way it works

28th December 2000, 03:55 AM
Sorry about the system not having confirmation replies on some of the earlier registrations. This was fixed last week & all new registrars should get confirmations. All users who didn't get immediate confirmations should get them today or tomorrow.