View Full Version : Light My Fire Should Light Canada's Fire for UB40

28th December 2000, 03:45 AM
It's great to see a tracklist now for the North American release of the Best of album. A lot of people here in Canada and right here in Alberta remember the original Light My Fire so I think that in itself should entice them to want to hear the UB40 remake and I think it will get a lot of airplay. Also, I'd like to commend UB40 on the selection of songs for the Best of album here because I notice that the tracklist we'll see here has included The Way You Do the Things You Do and that along with some of the others is definitely one of the songs that is played often on the radio here, so good choice to put it on the Best of album for this part of the world. I think the whole thing should spark some renewed interest in the band and draw some crowds for next year's tour when the other new album is released.
Big love always,