View Full Version : The Canadian Olympic Team??????

28th December 2000, 03:10 AM
I read a post here about soccer at the Olympics and how the teams played a good game....well, in all the sports, I hope our Canadian Olympic teams arenít like this humorous story below!--lol...but it might explain why we only have 7 medals at the Games right now compared to 22 in the previous Olympics!!
A Japanese company and a Canadian company had a boat race, and the Japanese won by a kilometre. The Canadians hired analysts to figure out what went wrong. They reported that the Japanese had one person managing and seven rowing, while the Canadians had seven managing and only one rowing. The Canadian company immediately restructured its team. Now they had one senior manager, six management consultants and one rower.

In the rematch the Japanese won by two kilometres. So the Canadian company fired the rower.

(....Oh well, there's always 2004! )

Big love always,