View Full Version : Reel to reel?

28th December 2000, 03:03 AM
I read somewhere that an album called 'Reel to reel-Dubmobile' was going to be released in the early 80's but in the end wasn't. What ever happened to these recordings?

28th December 2000, 03:04 AM
news to us john...astro did record a single called "dub mobile" in the 80's...we don't remember it ever being an album project..
thanks ub's

28th December 2000, 03:04 AM
Thanks for the reply. I've heard 'Dubmobile', but I read about this 'album' on a UB40 website last year (Don't know which website) obviously an untrue story,

28th December 2000, 03:04 AM
Hi John,
the album was mentioned in the early 80s UB40 INFO newsletters. Tracks were recorded with Nya And Natty and mixed by Mikey Dread. The project didn't come off the ground but some of the tracks can be found as b-sides ("Sufferin My People" by Nya & Natty, "Mek-Ya-Rok" by Mikey Dread). Nya & Natty recorded 3 tracks for the project, heard a dubmix with them and ub40 on SFX magazine tape, real cool one. Wonder if UB40 will ever release these still on some collectors' disc. I did mention this idea to the band.... maybe one day!



28th December 2000, 03:05 AM
Thanks Joris for this info, I've heard the B-sides, 'Sufferin' is an exellent track, The rhythm reminds me of 'Is this love' by Bob Marley. Didn't know it was Mikey Dread on 'Mek ya rok' always wondered who it was.