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28th December 2000, 02:52 AM
'The charts are now full of girl & boy bands who only know warbling other band's songs and prancing about. Young children with their 3.99 pounds pocket money are putting them at the top of the charts, but the words longevity and talent don't come to mind. It's just business men putting pretty faces to a song & a dance routine.
They may sound good to your kids, but the sound of cash piling up is the only one the new music industry is hearing'

Words of a music journalist of a major daily newspaper.

Let's put UB40 high up the charts and all buy their single in November 'light my fire' Buy CD1 & CD2 if there will be two or just buy 2 copies and give one to a friend. UB40 deserve it, surely one of the harder working bands especially 20 years on. We all know they won't get any airplay so they may have to play it if it gets a high chart position.

All the best from a big big fan!!

28th December 2000, 02:53 AM
Too true Reggaeron...yesterday (Sunday) was a sad day for the British charts. How on earth a "band" as lame as Westlife can have 6 consecutive No1's is beyond me. "Not even the Beatles did that" they all said, as if to imply that ****elife are somehow better than the immortal fab four...don't make me laugh. All hit records should, in my opinion, be hits on is musical merit...not some prepubescent schoolgirls criteria of looks over musical ability. However, as I said, this is only my opinion...several million of the aforementioned schoolgirls would clearly beg to differ. Times change, we've changed, Westlife and Co rule the charts, but fads come and go and real talent and quality will always be the true test of longevity. UB40 have been at the very top for over 20 years and counting...will we even remember Westlife in 20 years from now????