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28th December 2000, 02:49 AM
i read a article in record collector dated feb 1986? i quote the band originally claimed that they had little or no previous musical experience- that they each selected an instrument and knuckled down to mastering the instrument.however jim brown later confessed to having played drums for 3 years before ub40 was formed ,and the campell bros - given their family background -probably also had some musical training?
now maybe i am reading to much into this
but i cannot inmagine jim saying this
see it is things like this that make ub40 so strong that u started at the bottom and now your at the top ,in 1986 the sky was the limit.when i read stuff like this article all i can do is take my hat off to you .
you are britains most consistent band
well done

28th December 2000, 02:50 AM
greetings anto......no..thats total bull**** ...jimmy can't play the drums now ! never mind 3 yrs before we started as a group; and as for ali & robin..its true their father ian was a folk singer but they hated his stuff so much that it had the opposite effect..they did'nt get involved with music untill we started the band..the closest they or any of us came to 'ian campbells' music was friday nights when he let us use his club(licenced) 'the jug of punch' to have sound sytems and bands play...brian and ali ran the bar...robin collected the money on the door....steel pulse played & matumbi as well as many of the sound systems of the time...great days...and thats the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth........i think JB has been telling porkies again......

28th December 2000, 02:50 AM
Hi anto i see what you mean, but what i would like to say is on the geffery morgan album and others after that alot of the records sounded like drum machines playing such as (As always you were wrong again) (and i probably am)but origanal drums sound better than a drum machine,Oh speaking of ali's dad ian when he came to my home island Rothesay isle of bute scotland,(when i used to live there)he was at the folk festival there when i met him (nice bloke)