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28th December 2000, 01:26 AM
This bloke decides on a change in his life....he's had everything...a good job..a great income...a huge savings account....holidays...a great wife...sports cars....everything a material world could offer...but for some reason he was unable to father children.
He decides that he's gonna see things from the other side and sets out to become a preacher. His first real entry into his new exploratory world is to assist a mission in East Asia.
On his return he is greeted by family and friends...a huge party is thrown for him to welcome him back.
Ofcourse he is asked many questions about his experience and his new found life. One of his best friends asks him what aspect of his trip away was most inspiring to which he replied....

"I've been away for 4 months and when I returned I found my wife was 3 months pregnant. Ofcourse this new found life is for me- how much more inspiring can it get?" :-)

28th December 2000, 01:27 AM
Ho ho...