View Full Version : Who is J.B.Hope ......??????UB40

28th December 2000, 01:19 AM
Acording to my Geffery morgan tour program 1984 J.B.hope played keyboards for ECHO BASE and it says he was one of the founder members of UB40.This program is an official DEP product.is it wrong??some one is

28th December 2000, 01:19 AM
ahh......now i understand rossy...'jb hope' is a pseudonym (only on that record i think) used by a guy named jimmy lynne that hung around for a very short while when we were getting ub40 together...before we had enough money to buy a keyboard..he used to play a 'rolf harris stylophone' honest...down a mike with echo's on it....he dissappeared.. we had a hit record and he re-appeared with his band echo base...then he dissappeared again ???i have not seen or heard from him in 16/17 yrs.
the tour programme is correct, although his active role is somewhat exaggerated..(poetic licence)by the sound of it..he never made a record with us...he was a mate..hanging around dreaming of music....and we always help our mates out .......take care rossy and thanks for reminding me of old times..

28th December 2000, 01:20 AM
Nice little story bt thanx for the info..
Oh and by the way i do not know why on earth i said ocean color scene was welsh i just thought they were..i dont realy know anything about the band the only song i know is the river boat song only because of tfi friday..