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28th December 2000, 12:42 AM
On the 'South bank show' last year we saw Winston Groovy, John Holt and Ken Boothe rerecording their classic tracks over UB's rhythms (Please don't make me cry, My best girl and Train is coming) I was wondering if these recordings will become available. Also what songs are Horace Andy and Big youth covering on the Fathers album or is that a secret?

28th December 2000, 12:45 AM
greetings john...thanks for the posting..i'm not sure if the 'south bank' recordings will be released.....the tv production company may release the show one day on video/dvd(we were told the viewing figures were some of the highest they had ever had!) i think they are anxious to exploit the show thru tv staions around the world before selling it through the shops.....as you know we are recording 'the fathers'album right now....ken boothe,john holt and winston groovy have all recorded their tracks but believe it or not the only 2 guys that have'nt confirmed are big youth and horace andy...we have got our fingers crossed but as you can imagine its almost impossible to get everybodys schedules to match up....we have got recordings by bob andy,gregory issacs,leonard dillon,mighty diamonds,jackie robinson,eric donaldson,brent dowe,derrick harriot,leroy sibbles,lloyd parks,max romeo,freddie mcgregor,albert griffiths,toots hibbert,alton ellis........ stay in touch and any news on the guys i will post....bt

12th June 2001, 02:21 AM
well i hope it will

love dutchy