View Full Version : Night of the Proms

27th December 2000, 08:44 PM
Brian, with all the activities going on at Dep, have you actually had time to get ready for these upcoming performances with the orchestra? Are you able to give us an idea of the cool songs you'll be performing and how does this work--you don't really rehearse with the orchestra, do you.....or do you? ....and who does the arrangements of the songs for the various instruments in the orchestra, and, and, and,.....lol.
Big love always,


27th December 2000, 08:44 PM
greetings D......yes ..you are right we have been busy in the studio...and yes we do rehearse with the orchestra ..we have 4 days 22-26 oct in Antwerp/belgium...the arrangements are all ub40's and the orchestrations are by Yan (forget his surname) the conductor.......take care ..