View Full Version : obscure stuff released on web

24th December 2000, 02:25 AM
is it possible someone could upload some MP3s of obscure UB40 stuff, like B sides and especially Dub mixes up somewhere??
Shouldnt really hurt anyone if they are old mostly unheard tracks which are pretty much impossible to get hold of??

24th December 2000, 02:25 AM
i agree asteroid...anyone out there with the technology ? I have'nt got a clue how to do that stuff........there is someone in PLYMOUTH
who puts up b sides etc......check back here,i'm sure someone can help you out..

24th December 2000, 02:26 AM
Hello, Asteroid....There is a Plymouth site developed by The Prisoner with the exact type of stuff you're mentioning and I think it's a pretty cool site I had downloaded quite a few tunes earlier this year because you NEVER get those where I am--they're just not available at the retail outlets here. Was still working my way through the alphabet of songs as a matter of fact when I had to reformat me computer!!! Still have to rebuild the collection again from scratch so I haven't downloaded anything lately but I think everything still works fine on the site. The address is:
I think he did a fantastic job of making those songs available for us. Lots of time and hard work I would think in putting them all on the site. Take care and enjoy.

Big love always,