View Full Version : Hows about a screensaver ????

24th December 2000, 01:55 AM
Greetings to one and all ! Firstly, love the new spring cleaned web site UB's...great job. Secondly, whats all this about another best of compilation on the eve of the release of a brand spanking new UB40 album as well...I'd like to have a chat with the head of Virgin's marketing dept and ask them "ah what a gwarn !!!", that said, no one is forcing me to buy it....
Thirdly, web master, how about composing a downloadable UB40 screensaver for us all to stare at for hours on end ? I can see it now..swirling UB logo..perhaps a leaf or two All those in favour say "I".

24th December 2000, 01:55 AM
greetings K......... " I " will have a word about the screen saver....how you feeling after your thai break ?..... this 'best of' album has come about as a result of virgin wanting a release while we do this european orchestra tour...(ub's,120 piece orchestra,coolio.chrissy hyndes) oct thru dec
new studio album being released in new year....fathers album (17 tracks recorded so far) later in 2001....that version of the doors 'light my fire' recorded earlier in the year has been re-recorded (again) this time its much groovier....well that will be a single to promote hits album..........
take care and stay in touch....

24th December 2000, 01:56 AM
Screensaver... Cool idea, lets have one!

24th December 2000, 01:56 AM
Awhile back I made a UB40 screensaver to give away to a few peeps, so until an official one comes out, if anyone would like it just send me a mail at....riddim1651@aol.com
The only catch is, unfortunately it only works on PCs and not Macs.