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24th December 2000, 12:45 AM
O.K. So I tried out a reply to an existing post and it worked alright so I'm just trying out a brand new post now and might as well ask a question in it! And might as well use some of these fancy smilies in the process too.....I think the location of the twice weekly chats might need to be clarified? With this new chat line on the UB40 site, do we now meet here at the regular times on Thursdays and Sundays and no longer in MIRC? Not quite sure what's happening there. This question is for anyone who knows what's happening with it--or maybe this hasn't been brought up yet? (Yes, that smilie doesn't make sense there--Just thought it would be cool to try out the cool guy!)
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24th December 2000, 12:46 AM
Sandra... I guess we will find out tonight To make sure I will open BOTH the chatbox and mirc... dont wanna miss out on anything!!
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