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Default Help me ref. Symphony hall, birmingham 2010

Hi, as my username suggests, I have been a long time fan since the lads started in my home town in 1980. Early Odeon New Street gigs, loads at NEC, St. Andrews 1989, all over UK, Spain, France, etc., done hundreds over the years and looking forward to the Institute soon. But fellow fans, I need your help which is why I joined this site. Following the Signing Off 30th Anniversary gig at Symphony Hall, Birmingham on 26th October 2010, I had a bad fall at Moor Street Station that has meant 3 years of severe back problems with many hospital trips, numerous injections, physiotherapy, etc. and it is still not right.... Not drunk I hasten to add and far from it as I still also had to drive!!......Having made a claim against them because of dodgy stairs that were wet, I am now struggling to prove the weather that night. It rained earlier that day but not when my wife and I went in at 7 p.m. - However, when coming out and going to the station, it was wet again but they are disputing this and if I cannot prove it was raining or wet when we came out, I may lose the case........ Weather records are inconclusive at around 11.00 to 11.15 p.m. after the show when we left, with the nearest recorded data over 2 miles away, so can anyone out there who was at the gig remember and hopefully confirm it was raining and wet when you left Symphony Hall that night or better still at Moor Street Station????.............this site looks like being my last hope before the 28th April deadline so please contact me if you can help. Many thanks and Signing Off, Old Original
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