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Default NHS or PRIVATE ???

I think i might now go private - what are your views?

I went to the friggin dentist yesterday for my 6 mth check-up and ended up paying 42.40 Could'nt believe wat I was hearing.

Apart from literally a 30 second check round my mouth and the quickest scale and polish ever, he had to rebuild a small part on the side of a back tooth which had broken off (whilst eating a crunch-corner yoghurt would you believe )
I was only in the chair bl**dy 5 minutes. It was a late afternoon appointment, he just wanted me in and out as quick as poss.

Aparrantly there is now a new pricing system for NHS dentistry
15.50 for a check-up - that's bad enough, then it jumps to
42.40 for general work such as fillings etc
God knows wat you'd pay for major work - its frightening

At those prices I can't see it being much cheaper than going private and im sure you'd receive better service

What dya think?? Who goes private?
xx Ange xx

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I'll stay NHS but stop eating crunch corners,and wheres mine anyway????? only joking sis
xx lou xx

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that a lot of money

when i go to the denstist
i don't pay for mine but i sign the form
as i get a disability benefit
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I go private but only because I couldn't get in on the National Health Service, but the waiting room is very plush (should think so the money they're charging)
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