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Default Wrong Synonyms

It is Thanksgiving Day and a family is preparing dinner awaiting the arrival of the children's grandparents. Thomas, who is four is running around looking for is new pair of grey socks. He ventures up to the washroom where his mother is putting makeup on. Not realizing the boy is there she yells "shit" when she accidently gets makeup in her eyes. Never hearing the word before, the boy asks her, "Mommie, what does shit mean?"

The mother quickly replies, "Shit is just another word for makeup dear."

Thomas then asks his mom if she knows where his socks are and she tells him to go downstairs and ask his father.

The boy's father is stuffing the turkey when he cuts his finger by mistake. He says "f**k." The boy asks him if he's seen his socks and the father tells him to go look in his sister's room. Before the boy leaves he asks his father what f**k means and the father says "stuff". "Like stuffing a turkey."

The boy goes to his sister's room and finally finds his socks in the bedroom and puts them on just as the doorbell rings. Thomas runs down the stairs and opens the door. He greets his grandparents by saying "Hello grandma and grandpa, mommie is upstairs putting shit on her face and daddy is in the kitchen f**king the turkey..."

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Default Re: Wrong Synonyms

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Default Re: Wrong Synonyms

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Default Re: Wrong Synonyms

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Default Re: Wrong Synonyms

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