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Old 1st October 2009, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by San Diego
Originally Posted by UK Warrior
All their stages/phases work for me. However, the Signing Off - UB44 era is easily my favourite, for numerous reasons. The energy, the deliciously naive arrangements (King only has one verse, they'd never do that today... rightly or wrongly), the musicianship... they were in their early 20's for Christ's sake, can you imagine McFly dropping an album like Signing Off? Ali's voice, Robin's perfect harmonies, Brian's Sax, Earl's basslines, Mickey's wonky keyboards, and (I'm completely aware that this could come across as a blatant suck-up as he will definitely read this, bit I couldn't care less, its just the truth as I see it) Jim's drumming! His drumming on Signing Off and Present Arms in particular is simply breath taking. His Hi-Hat 'work' is just glorious, and his drum patterns are unique on those recordings. I still love them to this day, and always will. He really, really made the whole band ROCK in those days. Drum machines etc tamed Jim the freestyle rocker drummer and gave rise to Jim the considered percussionist drummer as the sound evolved. Not worse, just different.

All of the UB periods have brought different qualities to the table and I genuinely like all of those qualities, but the pre-LOL1 period edges it for me.


Kelvin.... shameless back arse-ward, arse kissing post.. 7 hail Mary's for you.
Simply keeping it real Fi..... real arse kissy! You gotta admit though, those beats were DANGEROUS!

Later, I'm off to the 'other' side to tell 'his nibbs' that his version of Would I Lie To You is better than Strawberry Fields

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Old 1st October 2009, 07:43 PM
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Was alchohol to blame for the demise in his vocal chords, or as i suspect the smoking of most things that could be inhaled.
You just listen to how brill the early stuff was, then how gravelly it sounded during LOL3 but then it di pick up again on WYFF and 24/7.

So the Duncmeister sounds like a young you know who , so i reckon we have not seen the best of the UBs thusfar my friends.

Come on UB40 give us another massive massive Number 1
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Old 1st October 2009, 08:47 PM
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who cares

Every concert i've been to Ali's always been same old Ali.
UB40 have been the same old UB40 the only difference their older.
Then i've gone to concerts to enjoy them, not look for tiny floors in there performance or screw up.

memorable times, Norman doing Nkomo ago whatever it's called.
Robin getting embarrassed singing Sweet sensation lol robin dancing the oldies like B-line, version girl.
earl not hiding on stage lol love is all 12"
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Old 1st October 2009, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by JB40
interesting answers. This is a great thread.
I'm still waiting for an answer to Helens last question. I'd be fascinated to know what people think.
I should really start reading all posts from beginning to end... Sorry, Hels, I didn't see your last question...

I only saw them live in Russia in the 80's (and I don't think Ali was sober for even one of those gigs). Robin did all of the talking onstage, and he was always in top form. Of course, Astro's and Norman's energy on stage was a great factor, as well... But I think because Ali was still quite young, he could get away with drinking a lot and still deliver a good performance. I don't remember ever thinking that he sounded drunk onstage...
Same goes for all other band members, 'cos there was a lot of stuff going around at that time... But somehow they all managed to pull themselves together for the gigs... How they did it is beyond me...
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Old 2nd October 2009, 10:14 PM
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Just had time to reply to this post and its a cracking post I must say.

Having followed the boys from the beginning, I enjoyed the rawness of the early stuff and they have just got better and better.

Like others have said , my favourite album prior to the WYFF and 24/7 has got to be UB40, with stand out tracks I would do for you and Where did i go wrong. This album along with the Blues concert was Happy Days - superb.

Having said that I love the Labour of Love projects - with Labour of Love II reminding me of the concert I went to in Paris at Le Zenith. What a weekend !

I absolutely love the Fathers project - superb !

All in all I have grown with the UB vibe and I must say it is a journey I am proud to have been on and more importantly - they keep getting better and better.

I love everything they have done, its all part of who they are, but i have to say - I am very excited about the future !

Have a great weekend all !

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Old 2nd October 2009, 11:36 PM
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well im the fence lol but would love see the new line up but my ub partner in latvian jail for crime he did not commit hopefully he will get freed n i can drag him along xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Old 3rd October 2009, 01:47 AM
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Now is my favorite decade of UB40. I loved them in the 80's and always. That volume is on the shelf now and from the recent concert in San Rafael, California, I am hooked on the changes.
I never noticed Ali's problems.
Waiting for LOL4 is like the calm before the hurricane.
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Old 3rd October 2009, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by debbi33
well im the fence lol but would love see the new line up but my ub partner in latvian jail for crime he did not commit hopefully he will get freed n i can drag him along xxxxxxxxxxxx
well go without him. you can't sit at home on your own the whole time.
Hels x
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Old 4th October 2009, 05:22 PM
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good question Helena

My answer is a bit of everything, there are peaks & troughs in each era


Peaks - Signing Off, Present Arms, UB44, Rat In The Kitchen (my fav album) & UB40, St Andrews, Russia, Best Of, Finsbury Park, New Years Eve 1984

Troughs - Baggaridim & Labour of Love 2


Peaks: Promises and Lies & Guns In The Ghetto, huge in the USA and their appearances on mainstream chatshows such as Letterman, Conan O Brien & Jay Leno, being the biggest selling UK band in the early part of the 90s, mega shows around the world including Milton Keynes National Bowl & The Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield

Troughs: the Labour of Love 3 shows


Peaks - 24/7 & Who You Fighting For (both albums up there with their best work), Live 8 (so proud to see my boys holding their own and quite rightly acclaimed as one of the days best performers among so many big names

Troughs - the split Cover Up

Overall, I think I favour the 90s. This is when they made the leap from being an arena to a stadium band - the only small disapointment is that this didnt transfer itself to the USA (and surprisingly so ).
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Old 4th October 2009, 07:30 PM
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Lying on chaise lounge my favourite era is the 80's as the songs hold so many memorable memories. Takes a drink of cheeky vimto i have always loved the labour of love series due to the way the guys re transformed some of the old much loved songs
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