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Default send 'em 'ome.

A recent survey claims that 60% of british people think immigration is a BAD thing that harms the country. And the right-wing tabloids are trumpeting the results as if a majority is an indication some kind of truth or reality.

But that's only half the story.

About a month ago another survey was reported with a more muted response from the media. This survey asked people about statistics. Like 'how many muslims are there?', or 'how much tax-payers money is lost through benefit fraud, or 'what are the real costs of health tourism' etc.

In almost all cases the public vastly over-estimated the figures.

The majority were convinced that there were over THREE TIMES more muslims than there are, they also estimated benefit fraud at over 25% instead of the actual figure of 1% [according to the government own figures], and they thought the problem of health tourism was over 20 times the actual figure.

So, there we have it.

The british people think these problems are much bigger than they really are because of the propaganda and lies from politicians and their attack dogs in the biased media. A steady stream of lies and false statistics, feeding prejudices but keeping the people ignorant of the facts.

Anyone would think they are feeding bigotry in order to distract people from turning their anger on the REAL villains who bankrupted the country. The disfunctional financial system and their employees. The politicians themselves.
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whats also sad is the fact that people, actually believe it in the first place, without question.... and that misimformation is effecting peoples lives,,
and what for? ideology, money, power or because they can. and people accept it...

but then again asking questions in certain situations like.....
working for the D.W.P for example can get you into trouble...
i feel sorry for the people that work at the job centres.
nxt time your in kings heath jimmy, nip in the job centre, and ask a simple question.
youll discover what an utterly depressing and useless place it is..
shame really, they actually served a purpose many years ago, compared till now.
its all been split up amoungst private companys like atos etc.
but thats another thread...

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The media playing the tune, the goverment on the fiddle.

and every now and then, a little man bangs a drum just to prove he;s still alive.

The normal man/womem haven't got a voice, and my god it ain't half showing.
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