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Old 18th December 2009, 02:19 PM
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didnt stop tha westlife shite tho.mega shit them
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Old 18th December 2009, 04:28 PM
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I suppose there has always been production line music. As long as there has been pop music. But maybe there was more room for new sounds to find there way into the charts. Or even have album hits independently, like Virgin did with 'Tubular bells'. When we were listening to reggae, bands like Genesis, Yes and all those prog rock bands didn't have to compete with glam rock, there was room for both. They had separate markets. The music business was much less scientific, so things can get through. Nowadays, the only way to get CD's onto the market is through supermarkets. Who only stock top 40. And the only way to get on the supermarket shelves is through a major label deal. So, unless you are familiar with computers and consume on the internet, the only music available is top 40. And that is being concentrated into fewer and fewer companies as the big fish swallow up the little ones.
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Old 17th January 2010, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by JB40 View Post
It shouldn't be forgotten that computers are invaluable to a recording musician. The control it gives you over the music could only be dreamed of in the days of tape reels. And that's what we use the computer for. It's a digital recorder. In the old days, you would use a blade and a reel to reel tape. That was how we edited or re-arranged things. It was time consuming and inefficient. With computers, re-arranging takes seconds, and is always precise.
When UB40 record, we record live, into the computer. Which we can then manipulate any way we chose. It's incredibly empowering for a musician. And with lower and lower prices it's affordable to a wider range of musicians.

A writer may use a computer to write a novel. But they are still his words, not the computers.
And always it's not instead musician.

PS You're welcomed to visit my profile on myspace. Do you like it? It was done using noteworthy composer also notation composer. I hear your original songs and I'm writing notes (NO LOOPS AND SAMPLES !!). And Recording using goldwave as mp3.
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