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Default Forum review

1st can I just say a big thank you to BT for the comp that let me even go in the 1st place and to Jen for letting me know about it as well xx and to all those that pmed BT on mybehalf very flattered I can tell you xxx

Well to start of with we meet Tang and skeggs at the 3 kings and from there we went (after telling Tang many many times we had to go)on our way to the forum piccies upload later teeth teeth and more teeth to funny esp being on the underground.Well we got into the Forum and 1st meet Dean he was fumming had his camera taken off of him what a shame (heard later he got it back well done mate)then we meet DJ and his lovely lady nice to see ya DJ been to long my friend then saw Jen and Joe introduced them to DJ and showed them where Dell Tang and Skeggs were (by the bar lol) didnt see others as they were at the front and we could not get near them but saw them after apart from Josie so sorry i missed you hun would of been great to have said hello.

Well I cant say any thing else about the gig that has not been said already apart from kid british were not at this gig seemed weird not having a support band but nice at the same time just having the boys and DJGold lovely fella had the chance to say hello and a chat and a photo thanks Jen xx the boys were on top form as per norm this is the only gig that I have done on the so gigs with out being in pain so to me it has been the best so once again BT thank you xx had a groot night and wish i could do it all again got some photos will upload soon just been really busy sorry.

xx champane xx

bubbling with love for ub40
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